Annette Hanshaw

78rpm Labels

Some of the same songs appear on different labels - American or European releases. Annette also appears on some labels under various pseudonyms - Dot Dare, Patsy Young, and Gay Ellis.

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A Precious Little Thing Called Love-Diva 2859-G

A Precious Little Thing Called Love-Velvet Tone 1859V

Am I Blue-Velvet Tone 1940V

 Carolina Moon-Diva 2826-G

 Carolina Moon-Velvet Tone 1826-V

 Cherie, I Love You - Perfect 12292

 Chiquita-Harmony 727-H

 Daddy Won't You Please Come Home - Harmony 940H

Daddy Won't You Please Come Home-Diva 2940-G

Falling In Love With You-Pathe 32211B

Fit As A Fiddle - Perfect 12856-B

Forget Me Not-Clarion 5079-C

High Up On A Hill-Top - Velvet Tone 1734-V

High Upon A Hill-Top - Diva 2734-G - Annette as Gay Ellis

I Get The Blues When It Rains - Velvet Tone 1910-V

I Get the Blues When it Rains-Diva 2910-G

I Must Have That Man-Velvet Tone 1706-V

I Wanna Be Loved By You - Dot Dare - Harmony 792-H

I Wanna Be Loved By You-Velvet Tone 1792-V

If You Can't Tell The World She's A Good Little Girl Just Say Nothing At All

I'm A Dreamer

I'm Sure Of Everything But You - Perfect 12856-A

Is There Anything Wrong With That - Dot Dare - Harmony 792-H

Is There Anything Wrong-Velvet Tone 1792

I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling -as Gay Ellis - Harmony 915-H

I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling

Just Another Day Wasted Away-Perfect 12388

Just Can't Be Bothered With Me-Okeh 41397

Lay Me Down In Carolina-Pathe 33207B

Maui Chimes - Velvet Tone 1826-V

Maui Chimes-Puritone 1039-S

Mean To Me-Diva 2859-G

Mean To Me-Velvet Tone 1859-V

My Sin-Velvet Tone 1910-V

Nobody Cares If I'm Blue - Velvet Tone 2196-V

Pale Blue Waters-Harmony 1121-H

Say It Isn't So - Melotone 12486

Say It Isn't So-Banner32863-A

Six Feet of Papa-Pathe 32211

Taint No One But You-Perfect 12437

The One In The World-Velvet Tone 1915-V

Tip-Toe Thru The Tulips With Me - Diva 3012-G

Tip-Toe Thru The Tulips With Me - Velvet Tone 2012V

Was That A Dream-Velvet Tone 1666-V

We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye-Perfect 12835-A

What Wouldn't I Do For That Man-Diva 3012-G

You Wouldn't Fool Me, Would You - Columbia 1769-D

You're The Cream In My Coffee - Diva 2785-G - Annette as Gay Ellis

Picture Sleeve-Perfect

  If I Had A Talking Picture of You-Velvet Tone 2066-V

  Little White Lies-Velvet Tone 2196-V

  Singin In The Rain-Velvet Tone 1991-V

Black Bottom-Perfect 12286

Button Up Your Overcoat-Velvet Tone 1878-V

Get Out And Get Under The Moon-Velvet Tone 1712-V

Happy Days Are Here Again-Diva 3106

I Love A Ukulele-Velvet Tune 2144-V

If You See Sally-Perfect 12329

I'm Following You-Diva 3106

My Baby Knows How-Perfect 12301

Don't Blame Me - Perfect 12937

Happy Days Are Here Again - Velvet Tone 2106

I Can't Give You Anything But Love - Velvet Tone 1706-V

I Don't Know Why - Harmony 1376-H

I Faw Down An Go Boom - Velvet Tone 1829-V

I Have To Have You - Okeh 41351

I Must Have That Man - Special Record 1005

I Want A Good Man - Clarion 5017

In A Great Big Way - Diva 2832

In The Sing Song Sycamore Tree - Perfect 14933

Little White Lies - Clarion 5037

Lovable And Sweet - Okeh 41292

Mean To Me - Diva 2859-G

Mean To Me - Gay Ellis - Harmony 859

Six Feet Of Papa - Perfect 12290

Sonny Boy - Velvet Tone 1982

Speedy Boy - Pathe X6251 - Annette as vocalist with Willard Robison's Orchestra

Ua Like No A Like - Velvet Tone 1945



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