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Margaret Young - 1922

Margaret Young was a popular singer and comedienne in the 1920s. She helped popularize such hits as "Hard Hearted Hannah", "Lovin' Sam The Sheik Of Alabam'", and "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans".

He Loves It - 1922    Lovin Sam The Sheik Of Alabam - 1922    Oogie Oogie Wa Wa - 1922    Sweet Henry - 1923

Margaret Youngblood was been born on February 23, 1891 in Detroit, Michigan. She was one of four daughters of Bernard and Minnie (Walters) Youngblood. Margaret's sisters were Hattie (13 years older than Margaret), Bernadette (2 years older), and Eleanore (4 years younger).

Margaret Young was noted for her novelty renditions in an act that was frequently seen in New York as well as various other circuits of the day. Margaret Young was noted for her almost child-like, girlish but appealing vocals. Margaret's short recording career from 1920 to 1925 yielded some 58 sides on the Victor and Brunswick labels.

In the 1920's Margaret Young's sister Eleanore married the great JazzAge songwriter Richard Whiting. Margaret Young was the aunt of the great jazz vocalist Margaret Whiting and was affectionately known as "Aunt Maggie". Richard Whiting supplied Margaret Young with these hits:

Somebody's Wrong (Marshall-Egan-Whiting), Brunswick 2459-B, Apr 30, 1923.
What Do They Mean By Love (Whiting-Yellen-Franklin), Brunswick 2514B, Oct 23, 1923.
The Grass Is Always Greener (Egan-Whiting), Brunswick 2652B, Jun 6, 1924.
Ukulele Lady (Kahn-Whiting), Brunswick 2861A, Mar 31, 1925.

Margaret tried to make a comeback in 1949 after years of retirement. She recorded some records for Capitol Records that year. On April 21, 1956, Margaret makes a brief appearence on the CBS Radio Workshop Show "The Record Collectors". The show was hosted by John Dehner and guests included niece Margaret Whiting.

Margaret Young died on May 3, 1969 in Inglewood, California after a brief illness. She was 78 years old at her death. Margaret is buried along side her sister Eleanore Whiting (widow of Richard Whiting and mother of Margaret Whiting) at Holy Cross Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Margaret Young - Grave Site
Grave Site

Margaret Young - Headstone

Hey Hey Hazel    In Your Green Hat - 1926    Louisville Lou    Save Your Sorrow - 1925


Recent CDs with Margaret Young recordings

Flappers, Vamps And Sweet Young Things - ASV 5015

"Red Hot Henry Brown" (1925)
Flappers, Vamps And Sweet Young Things - ASV 5015

Margaret Young Discography

  1. Oh! By Jingo! Oh! By Gee!
Victor 18666-AMar 26, 1920
  1. Maybe You Think You're Fooling Baby
Brunswick 2253Mar 1922
  1. High Brown Blues
Brunswick 2253Mar 1922
  1. Oogie Oogie Wa-Wa
Brunswick 2265Mar 1922
  1. O-oo Ernest
Brunswick 2265Mar 1922
  1. Stumbling (With Bennie Kreuger's Orchestra)
Brunswick 2284AMay 1922
  1. Nobody Loves Me Now (With Bennie Kreuger's Orchestra)
Brunswick 2284B May 1922
  1. Nobody Lied (When They Said I Cried Over You)
Brunswick 2297AJun 1922
  1. Oh! Is She Dumb
Brunswick 2297BJun 1922
  1. 'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
Brunswick 2319A mx. 8579Aug 1922
  1. 'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
Brunswick 2319A mx. 8580Aug 1922
  1. True Blue Sam
Brunswick 2319BAug 1922
  1. Lovin' Sam (The Sheik of Alabam')
Brunswick 2346AOct 1922
  1. He Loves It
Brunswick 2346BOct 1922
  1. Tomorrow
Brunswick 2359-ANov 1922
  1. Jimbo Jambo
Brunswick 2359-BNov 1922
  1. Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time
Brunswick 2371ADec 1922
  1. Don't Think You'll Be Missed
Brunswick 2371BDec 1922
  1. Counterfeit Bill
Brunswick 2386AJan 1923
  1. The Bad Little Boys Aren't Goody-Good
Brunswick 2386BJan 1923
  1. Seven Or Eleven
Brunswick 2413AMar 1, 1923
  1. Wanita
Brunswick 2413BMar 1, 1923
  1. You Said Something When You Said Dixie
Brunswick 2442AApr 30, 1923
  1. Louisville Lou
Brunswick 2442BApr 30, 1923
  1. Papa, Better Watch Your Step
Brunswick 2459-AApr 30, 1923
  1. Somebody's Wrong
Brunswick 2459-BApr 30, 1923
  1. Stingo, Stungo
Brunswick 2475AJul 7, 1923
  1. He May Be Your Good Man Friday
Brunswick 2475BJul 7, 1923
  1. Mama Goes Where Papa Goes (Or Papa Don't Go Out Tonight)
Brunswick 2514AOct 8, 1923
  1. What Do They Mean By Love
Brunswick 2514BOct 23, 1923
  1. You Better Keep Babying Baby
Brunswick 2537AOct 26, 1923
  1. He'll Always Be One Of Those Guys
Brunswick 2537BOct 26, 1923
  1. Promise Me Everything, Never Get Anything Blues
Brunswick 2553ADec 3, 1923
  1. Dancin' Dan
Brunswick 2583BDec 4, 1923
  1. Why Should I Weep About One Sweetie
Brunswick 2553BDec 4, 1923
  1. Hula Lou
Brunswick 2583ADec 4, 1923
  1. Oh Gee, Georgie
Brunswick 2621AMar 21, 1924
  1. What Does The Pussy-Cat Mean When She Says "Meow"
Brunswick 2596BMar 24, 1924
  1. Big Boy!
Brunswick 2621BMar 24, 1924
  1. Nobody's Sweetheart
Brunswick 2596AMar 24, 1924
  1. Hard-Hearted Hannah
Brunswick 2652AJun 6, 1924
  1. The Grass Is Always Greener
Brunswick 2652BJun 6, 1924
  1. Doodle-Doo-Doo
Brunswick 2673BJul 30, 1924
  1. Too Tired
Brunswick 2673AJul 30, 1924
  1. Africa
Brunswick 2687AAug 4, 1924
  1. Under The Water
Brunswick 2687BAug 4, 1924
  1. Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
Brunswick 2736AOct 3, 1924
  1. Me And The Boy Friend
Brunswick 2736BOct 3, 1924
  1. A New Kind Of Man
Brunswick 2764Nov 15, 1924
  1. Insufficient Sweetie
Brunswick 2764ANov 19, 1924
  1. I Want To See My Tennessee
Brunswick 2785-ADec 12, 1924
  1. Eliza
Brunswick 2785-BDec 12, 1924
  1. I Ain't Got Nobody To Love
Brunswick 2806ADec 19, 1924
  1. Nobody Knows What A Red-Head Mama Can Do
Brunswick 2806BDec 19, 1924
  1. Ukulele Lady
Brunswick 2861AMar 31, 1925
  1. Take 'em To The Door
Brunswick 2861BMar 31, 1925
  1. Yes Sir, That's My Baby
Brunswick 2939Aug 12, 1925
  1. Red Hot Henry Brown
Brunswick 2939Aug 14, 1925

Listen to
Margaret Young on Rich Conaty's "Big Broadcast"
Rich Conaty's
"Big Broadcast"

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Red Hot Henry Brown - Brunswick 2989

Why Did You Do It To Me Babe - 1920

High Brown Blues - 1922

I'm Just a Little Blue - 1922

Don't Think You'll Be Missed - 1923

Down Hearted Blues - 1923

Big Bad Bill Is Sweet William Now - 1924

Big Boy - 1924

There's Yes Yes In Your Eyes - 1924

When My Sugar Walks Down The Street - 1924

Rock A Bye Time - 1925

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