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On a trip to Chicago in July 2006 I decided to see if I could "find" Miss Bee Palmer. Up to this point in my adventure to find Bee Palmer I had visited New York City where Bee died in 1967. I obtained her death certificate from the NYC Vital Records office that indicated she was indeed carried back to her hometown by nephrew William Palmer of Chicago soon after her death. Bee Palmer was then buried at Cedar Park Cemetery on December 28, 1967.

I drove to the Cedar Park Cemetery in Calumet Park section of Chicago's South Side. The friendly folks in the management office assisted me in the exact location of the Palmer family plot which was just about 25 yards from the cemetery office. A gentleman from the office took me over to where he thought the gravesite should be. As we looked around for the Palmer head plaque, I noticed that all of the graves in the area were grass-covered which made finding the grave a bit more difficult. I brushed my shoe across one of the grass-covered head markers and the name "Beatrice" began to appear. Bee Palmer had been "found"!

The adjacent markers revealed Bee's father and mother - Charles G. (1860-1930) and Anna C. (1864-1941) Palmer. The amazing part about all of this was that it looked as if no one had visited these graves since Bee Palmer's death in 1967! The accompanying photos below show the progress in finding Bee Palmer.

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Cedar Park Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois The Palmer family's untouched gravesite Bee Palmer's untouched gravesite
Bee Palmer found Bee Palmer's headstone cleared Bee Palmer's headstone cleared 2
Anna Palmer found Charles and Anna Palmer Beatrice C. Palmer
Palmer family plot with Cedar Park office in background Charles, Anna, " Bee Palmer Beatrice C. Palmer 1894-1967

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